Create your own affordable ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ gift boxes

The completed gift boxes.

When we recently got engaged, we knew we wanted to get the ball rolling straight away and begin wedding planning. Both Steve and I had each thought about which members of our friends and family we would be honoured to have as our Best Man and bridesmaids, and we each set about asking these special people in our lives in two very different ways.

Steve sent his best mate a message via WhatsApp to ask him to do him the honour of being his Best Man, to which his friend gladly agreed and bought Steve lunch from the chippy to say thanks. I, on the other hand, being a woman and loving to faff about, started out with an idea to buy my prospective bridesmaids a card asking them if they would like to do us the honour of being part of the bridal party. But again, me being me, this idea then very quickly escalated into a personalised gift box idea.

I’d been searching on the net for ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ cards, when I came across a personalised gift box featuring all sorts of treats, including bubbly and a Pandora necklace. I instantly fell in love with this idea but as you can probably imagine, as soon as you throw in anything created by Pandora, the price quickly rockets and since we’d already both had panic attacks the day before when we sat down and worked out just how much a wedding would really cost, I realised it wouldn’t be fair to ask Steve if we could budget for this additional cost at such an early stage.

Still, when I get my head on something, I can’t forget about it and I wanted to make the occasion of asking my nearest and dearest to be my bridesmaids special, so I knew I’d have to budget for it myself and make it affordable. Many of the pre-prepared boxes I had been looking at online were coming in at £15 – £20 per box and since I had four bridesmaids in mind, this just wasn’t an option at this point in time, right at the beginning of our wedding planning/saving journey.

I didn’t have too long to plan what I’d like to put in the gift boxes because as soon as we announced our engagement, it quickly became a whirlwind of excitement and I was keen to ask some of my friends and family to do me the honour of being my bridesmaids as soon as I could, so with a quick turnaround time, I took the following steps to creating my own gift boxes…

1. Find a ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ template and personalise it

I set about finding a pre-designed template that stated ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ rather than trying to design something myself, as my design skills are limited and plus, one of my sisters, who I was asking to be bridesmaid, is a graphic designer so it would just be really embarrassing if I tried to design something woeful myself! If you Google ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ templates, there are many to choose from, free of charge. I then printed out as many as I needed, cut them down in my own, unique way (e.g. resembling the efforts of a four-year old – and that’s insulting to four-year-olds), and then I stuck them to A5 pieces of ivory card. I then wrote individualised messages on the back of each card for each of the lovely ladies.

2. Choose your gift boxes

Next, I headed to my local Clinton’s card shop (other gift shops available) to buy gift boxes. I’d already decided I’d like to place a miniature bottle of fizz in each box for a little celebratory tipple, so I needed to make sure the boxes were big enough to fit a miniature bottle of wine in. There were a selection of boxes available, and I opted for a sparkly, shiny red colour for the boxes to celebrate all things lurrrrvve!

3. Pick your padding

You don’t want the gifts you choose to be rattling around in an empty box, so you can pad it out with gift shred or tissue paper in a whole host of colours. I opted for a simple ivory/cream coloured gift shred, and sprinkled small shiny red love hearts over the shred for a brighter contrast.

4. Choose your gifts

Looking back, I kept it really simple with my gifts and opted for a miniature bottle of prosecco for each box, and also a miniature box of Cadbury’s Roses chocolates. These gifts were quite generic really, as I wanted the personalised message on each card to really do the talking and add that personal touch, so the gifts in each box were just intended to be a little token something for each bridesmaid to enjoy (I’m saving the special gifts for these lovely ladies for their ‘thank you’ gifts!). Depending on your preference and budget however, you could really go to town on the gifts you include, and if you search for bridesmaid gift boxes on the internet, you can find a whole host of ideas that you may be able to create for yourself at a fraction of the cost.

So, there you have it. Four gift boxes came in at just under £30 in total, which is at least half the price of what it could have cost me if I’d have chosen pre-ordered gift boxes from the web.

I’m delighted to say my four lovely ladies all agreed to be my bridesmaids, which I’m so happy about and look forward to special times with them over the coming year!


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  1. You Baby Me Mummy July 26, 2016 / 5:51 pm

    Aw they are lovely! I can’t remember what I bought my bridesmaid, think it was a necklace. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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