This is a smile

Things I’ve seen, online and off, that have made me smile, giggle or downright howl (in a completely non-freaky way)…

October 7, 2011 

I used to love The Daily Mash but over time, it seems to me that its stories have gone off the boil. This morning, however, I spotted this spoof take on the fact that earlier this week, Matthew Wright asked the public on his show whether or not they would sleep with ‘Foxy Knoxy’ (pretty random question). Mash, with this story, you are back in the game!

Would you shag the Birmingham Six? Asks Matthew Wright

September 21, 2011 

Binky, the Persian cat I share a home with, can be a very demanding guy, mostly when he wants another packet of his posh cat food, or when he wants to steal some of your food. Occasionally though, he squawks repeatedly because he just wants you to pick him up and give him some love.

Having no concept of time, or, rather, not caring what time of day it is, Binky occasionally comes into the bedroom and wakes you in the middle of the night with his noisy demands for food. From time to time, he even jumps onto the computer desk and pads around on the keyboard to make even more of an impact. Though this latter tactic is more rare, he did actually give the computer keyboard a hammering last night – something which I find endearing and annoying in equal measure.

Funnily enough, I came across a ‘Simon’s Cat’ clip today in which the little cat jumps on Simon’s keyboard in a bid to get some food. I always love the ‘Simon’s Cat’ films and given the performance from Binky last night, this particular clip raised even more of a smile from me today, so I thought I’d share it with you…

June 7, 2011 

This doodle was created for me a few years ago by the talented Michael Latimer, a freelance artist and designer I met when I came to work at U-Explore.

I’ve never actually played the flute but one of the random standing jokes that Michael and I had with one another had something to do with me playing a little flute (I can’t fully remember where the idea came from!) and one day, Michael announced he had created this drawing for me, which I instantly adored and have treasured ever since. I thought it was a fitting first post for this page, which is dedicated to smiles and laughter, as it never fails to make me smile.

Michael’s artwork is truly inspirational – take a look at

Jennifer, In Boat With Flute - a rare Latimer piece.

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