There’s something about Binky…

I couldn’t create my very own blog without dedicating a portion of it to Binky, the gorgeous but demanding Persian cat I share a home with.

I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing this little character for the past three years but my boyfriend has lived with Binky for around 11 years now, and there have been plenty of adventures along the way!

Now, don’t be fooled – this isn’t a page in which I’m simply going to gush about my twee little pussycat (though I can be quite biased towards him) like a new mother because Binky is not your average cat. He comes with a permanently disgruntled face and has an array of commanding squawks – he doesn’t miaow, he squawks – that have earned him quite a reputation throughout Sheffield and beyond.

This prim-looking pussy provides tonnes of entertainment and I firmly believe that everyone should have a bit of Binky in their lives (my boyfriend has even built up a collection of Binky’s fur in a plastic bag over the years, so if you really want a bit of Binky to love and cherish then drop me a line!), which is why this page is dedicated to his escapades.

We’ll kick off with one of his more well known escapades – the day he was found sat (voluntarily) in a steamer. Fool.

July 15, 2011 - Binky got his glad rags on for the Royal Wedding back in April. He loves a royal knees- up.

Sir Binkford all ready for the Royal Wedding.

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