Two wooden wonders go on an engagement photo shoot

Engagement photo shoots have been growing in popularity in the UK for the past few years. They are a great way to practise your best smiles and poses in front of the camera ahead of the big day, and come away with some lovely shots of you both in your casual clothes, rather than in your wedding gear. Engagement shoots can also feel very cringeworthy and embarrassing, especially if you’re anything like Steve and I who mostly only have a string of crap (usually drunk) selfies to show in the way of pics of the two of us.
So last weekend, when the son of my sister’s friend kindly offered to snap some engagement-style photos for the two of us, the whole thing started off somewhat shaky and certainly a little wooden from our side of things.
It turns out that having photos taken mid-kiss or wrapped around one another certainly isn’t something that comes natural to us both (who knew? 😉 ) but Ben, the budding photographer on the rise and one to watch (you heard it here first!), worked his magic and captured some lovely photos of us both that we’re both really happy with.
We went for a walk in our local woods in Sheffield – Beeley Woods – situated in the village of Oughtibridge, where we first met 15 years ago, and took some photos there. We also got some snaps outside the alternative nightclub Corporation, in Sheffield’s city centre, where we’ve spent many a night in the past!

Here are some of our favourite pics from the day. (All photos are credited to the talented Ben Mackenzie.)












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