Review: Lucy Locket Loves Fitness Studio, Sheffield

IMG_1134Now that we’re officially in Autumn, I’ve been feeling the need to hibernate but I’ve had to try and talk myself out of it for two reasons. The first is, I realise that exercise can help to keep the winter blues at bay and when I keep on exercising, I can really feel the benefits. The second reason is that it’s now under 12 months until I get married (eeeek!) and the Bridezilla in me wants to get a head start on the exercise ahead of the big day.

I’ve blogged before about how I enjoy running, but it can be difficult to motivate myself to go pounding the pavements on a dark night, as I work full time so can’t go running in the day. I’d been looking for different ways to keep fit, so when I heard about Lucy Locket Loves, a new and friendly fitness studio in Sheffield, I jumped at the chance to go and try it out.

Lucy, owner of Lucy Locket Loves, recently opened her own studio on Cemetery Road, just outside of Sheffield City Centre, and offers a range of fitness classes – including HIIT (high intensity interval training), boxercise, and legs, bums and tums – as well as one-to-one and small group personal training.

After transforming her lifestyle through changes to exercise and eating, Lucy became inspired to motivate others, which saw her changing careers to become qualified as a Master Trainer, Exercise Specialist and Nutrition Coach with the European Institute of Fitness.

Lucy gave me the opportunity to try out three of her classes, so I decided to give the HIIT class a go, along with the Kickstart nutrition and exercise class (more on this later) and the classic legs, bums and tums class. Having not been a member of a gym for years and often feeling put off by the soulless atmosphere I’ve found in gyms before, I was unsure what to expect. But when I walked out of the dark night and into Lucy’s colourful studio, and was greeted by a friendly, welcoming Lucy, I instantly relaxed and even began to look forward to what she had in store.

The Lucy Locket Loves studio.

The Lucy Locket Loves studio.

I jumped right in at the deep end and signed up for a double whammy on my first night – the HIIT class, followed by Kickstart. I’d never tried a HIIT class before but I’ve heard that they’re full-on. It certainly did get my heart rate going and work me into a sweat, but as the class was only 30-minutes long, the time seemed to fly by and before we knew it, we were at the end of the class. There was only a small group of us as it was half term week when I went along, but this made for a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and Lucy chatted to us throughout, making the whole thing feel bearable (unlike my experience of many other exercise classes in the past, when I’ve just wanted it to end!).

The next class up after HIIT was Kickstart, which is an hour-long session. Lucy spends the first half of the session discussing food and nutrition with class members, and regular class goers are asked to bring along a food diary of the last week and look at things they did well and things they’d like to work on for the next week. Lucy also encouraged all of us to make six-month and 12-month goals – mine, not surprisingly, was to get in shape in time for the wedding. This session reminded me of Slimming World classes I’ve been to in the past but what was different here was that we spent the last 30 minutes of the class doing a workout. Lucy told us that the kind of workout varies week on week to keep things fresh, and this week we were doing a kettlebell workout. I really enjoyed this because I recently bought a kettlebell so that I could use it at home, but I’ve been getting bored of the YouTube routines I’ve been watching, so this really mixed things up and we tried new moves with the kettlebell that I hadn’t previously been aware of. The figure of eight routine, in which we had to pass the kettlebell through our legs in – you guessed it – a figure of eight pattern took some getting used to, and I seriously thought I might accidentally lob the kettlebell through the glass windows and on to the main road outside, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

I returned to Lucy’s studio the following night (and I was already feeling the burn from my double whammy class the night before) to try out her Legs, Bums and Tums class. The class was only 30-minutes long, but this felt just right, as I’ve spent an hour in LBT classes before and it just feels too long for a lower body workout. The class was fast-paced and challenging, but bearable, and I was really feeling it in my abs in particular for a good two days afterwards. This was really good for me, as my abs are the one area I work the least when exercising, but it’s certainly something I need to focus on.

If you’re looking for a new place to work out that’s both affordable, friendly and effective, or if you’d like some help in starting up a new fitness or nutrition plan, then Lucy is definitely your woman. You can find out more about what Lucy Locket Loves has to offer here. You can also check out Lucy’s latest fitness class timetable here:


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